About Us

Kenekt Solutions (UK) was founded by Shelley Saunders in 2021.

Shelley has over 20 years commercial business and procurement experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Areas of speciality include Vendor Management Programmes and Meetings Management at a local, regional, global and strategic level.

With this in depth experience Kenekt Solutions (UK) can help you create net zero and sustainable vendor management programmes and/or strategic meetings management programmes to ensure you obtain the best Customer Experience and value for money from your suppliers.

In addition to the above the ethos of Kenekt Solutions (UK) is to hold environmental impact at the forefront of every project; following the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report in August 2021 this is a priority for all business sectors. 

Work with us for the best solution.

Why choose us

Strategic Meetings Management

We are a dynamic niche consulting firm with global programme management experience and expertise.

Vendor Management

A wealth of experience on a global scale in the pharmaceutical industry offering a unique service that helps you to create effective vendor management performance programmes on a small to large scale.

Request for Proposal

Asking the right questions to obtain the right information to assess a suppliers capabilities and cost is an art form we can help you with!

Business Travel

Over 20 years experience in corporate business travel programmes, payment cards, policy and colleague engagement. We have a unique offering of independence from corporate travel providers which drives an unbiased view point.

Quality Assurance Process

Data quality assurance processes help ensure that companies remain compliant and achieve value for money in their meetings and travel programmes.

Community Projects
& Engagement

20% of time (1 day a week) is allocated to projects that benefit the local community in Havant. This support maybe available in other areas subject to selection criteria and availability.